Strogino Technopark

Information and navigation mobile service for the complex "Strogino Technopark", with an integrated building navigator based on Wi-fi and Bluetooth signals, augmented reality and audio search.
  • The application is designed to navigate the Strogino Technopark’s buildings and to provide information to the user about residents, vacant premises, and the infrastructure of the complex. Navigational algorithms of the app are based on Wi-fi and Bluetooth with adjustment via data of mobile device sensors (such as magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope).

The application has media routes integrated with audio and video points, which are created by the administration through the control web panel. The information about residents is shown to a user with the augmented reality (AR), i.e. when the user hovers the camera of the mobile device at the door of the room, a media window is launched with a text description and a video clip about the room. The administration of the technopark can track the movement of staff throughout the complex and receive statistical data on the attendance of buildings with many analytics and heat maps.

Mobile app structure
Организация осуществляет деятельность в сфере информационных технологий.

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