iBeacon technology that can empower geolocation services and is a powerful marketing tool.
A tool such as iBeacon will allow you to work more effectively with your target audience, increase sales and raise the loyalty of your customers.

One of our beacons can work without changing the battery for about 10 years. iBeacon detects a mobile device at a distance of 1 to 50 meters, depending on the setting and characteristics of the premises. The location of the visitor is determined with an accuracy of two meters.

What iBeacon can be used for


With the help of beacons, you can accurately determine the location of a person and on the smartphone screen, visitors will see a map of the facility and their position on it.

Tracking movements

iBeacon sensors help track personnel, assets and goods in your premises where GPS is not working.


Sending personalized push-notifications of informational or advertising nature to smartphone users.

This happens automatically when a person is near a given object (for example, near a store, museum or rack with equipment).


With the help of iBeacon, you can collect real statistics and indicators about the behavior of visitors in the room.

Analyze the individual route of the visitor and the overall performance of individual rooms in the building.

This is a web visualizer for marketers that allows you to optimize the display of goods and identify popular areas in a store or food court.

How the solution works with iBeacon:

● Beacons are installed around the perimeter of the room

● Bluetooth must be enabled on the mobile device

● The mobile application is installed on the user's smartphone

● When a person enters the range of the iBeacon beacon, a predetermined signal is sent to the mobile device, which is processed by the application

● iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which consumes 35 times less phone battery energy than using wi fi
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