Moscow Metro – the basis of the transport system of the capital. It reliably connects the city center with residential areas. Today, the share of the Moscow Metro in the transportation of passengers among the enterprises of the urban passenger transportation is about 56%. On average, more than 8 million passengers use the services of the Moscow Metro daily; this is the highest figure in the World. Such a huge passenger traffic requires constant monitoring, prompt response to alarm situations, as well as optimization of the entire process of transporting people to the subway: from the box office to the exit to the city Despite the great work made to improve internal navigation, subway passengers often experience the inconvenience searching out an optimal route, transition or exit from the station

With the Indoors Navigation service, subway usage becomes more convenient and efficient

For subway:

  • Control of crowd masses
  • Identification of the main patterns of passengers’ movements
  • Prompt notification about important events for metropolitan security staff
  • Additional channel of income (advertising of objects located at the station)
  • Informing passengers about departure times, schedule changes and delays