Navigation in the stadium

In the modern world, stadiums are no longer just a platform with stands for sporting events. They become part of the show, amaze with new technologies and large-scale cultural events.

The digital twin of the stadium based on GIS Indors Navigation provides not only a modern navigation service, but also allows to simplify the operation of the facility with frequent changes in the layout, to provide the administration with the necessary metrics in the web control panel.

For example, which doors are open, on which floors the elevators are, what is the temperature in different rooms, in what mode is the fire safety system, where is the guard and other metrics of the stadium’s operational processes.

When holding concerts or exhibitions, it is important to quickly transform the space every time and provide visitors with an up-to-date map with a new location of the spectator zones and routes to them.

Benefits for the administration:

  • Digital twin of the stadium with visualization of operational processes. Reducing the cost of operating a sports facility.
  • Improving the quality of service and increasing the capacity of the stadium. Consequently, an increase in the loyalty of spectators, their number and the prestige of the sports facility.
  • Increase in sales by offering new services. The new service of geo-contextual advertising brings additional profit through newsletters and advertising messages to visitors.
  • Detailed statistics. Analysis of the behavior and distribution of spectator flows in the stadium, heat maps of the facility.
  • Optimization of staff work. Modern tracking systems for employees’ movements around the stadium.

Benefits for visitors:

  • A detailed map of the stadium in your mobile phone, with the ability to plot a route to the desired exit to the podium and guide along it as in a navigator
  • Quick determination of your location on the territory of a sports facility
  • The ability to find the object of interest in the game mode using hints in augmented reality — AR navigation at the stadium
  • Direct information about events at the stadium with reference to your geo-location
  • Displaying friends on the map of the sports facility
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