The future has already come: stadiums have become not only a platform with tribunes. They become a part of the show and hit with new technology.  
The fundament of our product is the iBecon technology, which interacts with the app through Bluetooth. Within the public zone, a network of Bluetooth beacons is deployed and sending signals. Our mobile app picks up these signals and determines the location. In addition, with push notifications we can guide a person on the object and send relevant information in accordance with his interests and location

Today it is important to provide a full range of high services to visitors of the sports stadium, so we are ready to solve the problem with quick orientation at a sports facility

Mobile navigation in the stadium helps:

  • To improve service quality and increase throughput
  • To raise the prestige of the stadium
  • To increase the number of visitors and rise their loyalty up
  • To increase sales by offering new services
  • To optimize staff performance
  • To find seats in the stadium
  • To buy tickets
  • To pay for food and drinks quickly in the stadium
  • To check the schedule of matches

  • To find the car in the parking lot

We offer:

  • Navigation throughout the stadium’s infrastructure has accurate determination of visitor’s location.
  • Directions could be built to the particular place or room
  • Deep integration of social services
  • New Generation Augmented Reality
  • New sources of revenue and increased sales
  • Qualitative analytics about the movements and interests of the audience
  • Staff tracking