Navigation in retail

Indoor navigation is becoming an increasingly popular and in-demand service in retail as it helps improve the shopping experience and increase sales.

Retailers use navigation systems to help visitors quickly and easily find the right department, product or service, as well as get information about special offers, promotions and discounts.

The main advantage of using indoor navigation in retail is to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the time they spend searching for the right product.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Indoors Navigation Platform (INP) can be used to collect customer data such as location and shopping behavior.

INP is not only a convenience for customers, but also an effective tool for point of sale, which allows you to increase sales, improve the quality of service and collect customer data.

Instead of wandering around the store looking for the right item, the shopper can quickly find the right department and then use navigation within the department to find the right item. This saves time and reduces the stress associated with finding the right product.

Modern in-store navigation solutions will help draw the attention of shoppers to products that they may miss because they are in remote areas of the store or hidden from view. With the help of indore navigation, retailers can attract the attention of buyers to the right products by offering them special discounts, promotions and other offers.

The indoor positioning system also collects shopper data that can be used to improve retail space planning, improve marketing strategies, and optimize store performance as a whole.


Benefits of implementing a geographic information system for retail chains:

  • Digital twin of the store. Reduce building maintenance costs and convenient monitoring of utilities in the control panel.
  • Improve marketing communications. INP can help a retailer improve marketing strategies by analyzing shopper location, identifying shopping trends, and providing personalized offers based on shopper location. Stores can also use indoor navigation to run promotions and notify customers about discounts and sales.
  • Improve the shopping experience. Advanced Positioning System (IPS) allows shoppers to easily find products in the store using interactive maps and navigation-like product location information, improving customer satisfaction when visiting the store .
  • Shopping Behavior Analysis IPS helps you analyze shoppers’ behavior in a store, such as determining which products are most popular, how long shoppers stay at particular items, and how they move around the store. This allows you to optimize product placement and improve marketing strategies.
  • Employee tracking. Monitoring the movement of employees on the store map with information about entering prohibited areas and sending notifications.
  • Logistics optimization. Indoor navigation will help optimize logistics for points of sale by managing product distribution, shipping routes and logistics operations in general. Logistics optimization can lead to cost reduction and efficiency gains.
  • Inventory and equipment management. GIS can help retailers and stores manage inventory by identifying the location of products in a warehouse, on shelves, and across stores, allowing for better planning of supplies and inventory optimization.
  • Improve security. Improve security at your facility by analyzing the location of guards and their movements in the store, identifying the most effective security measures in the store.
  • Useful entertainment servicesbased on augmented reality and AR navigation.

Customer focus

The INP store navigation system will help the shopper to make shopping more convenient, faster and more enjoyable by providing access to information about the location of goods, special offers and promotions, as well as allowing you to plan purchases in advance.

What the store visitor gets:

  • More convenient and faster access to product location information. The indoor navigation system will help you quickly and easily find the right product without spending a lot of time looking around the store.
  • Convenient and intuitive map shop. With the help of an interactive map of the premises, the buyer can easily and quickly find the desired department or product without wasting time walking around the entire store. This is especially convenient in a huge hypermarket.
  • Information about special offers and promotions. The navigation system in the building can provide information about discounts, promotions and special offers that are currently taking place in the store. Based on the location of the buyer.
  • The ability to plan purchases in advance. The customer can study the map of the shopping area and plan his purchases in advance, which will save him time and avoid the stress of queues when visiting the store.
  • Convenience when shopping with children or the elderly. For those who bring children or the elderly with them, the navigation system can be a real lifesaver, allowing you to quickly find the right product and not spend a lot of time searching in the store, distracting from those with whom he came.

Store digitalization

The implementation of the INP geographic information system will help stores and retail chains improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Through indoor-navigation and indoor-positioning services, the retail chain administration can influence the behavior of visitors, manage their time and increase the number of goods sold in stores. Internal navigation will help optimize the flow of customers in a retail store and improve interaction with them.

What the store administration gets:

  • Increased sales. The buyer will find the right product faster and easier, which increases the likelihood of buying it.
  • Improve customer loyalty. Convenient and fast navigation helps improve customer experience, which can lead to greater loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • Queue reduction. Finding products faster using a positioning system will reduce the time shoppers spend in the store, reducing crowds and queues at the checkout.
  • Improve staff efficiency. The iNP staff tracking system improves staff efficiency by freeing them from helping customers find products and allowing them to focus on their other tasks.
  • Collect and analyze shopper behavior data. The navigation system can collect shopper behavior data, such as the popularity of certain products, the time customers spend in the store, their routes, and so on. This data can be used to improve the store’s marketing and strategic decisions.

Relevance of Indoors Navigation Platform GIS implementation

In this way, a store navigation system can help retailers increase sales, improve customer experience, increase staff efficiency, and collect and analyze customer behavior data that can be used to improve store strategic decisions.

Частые вопросы по навигации в ритейле

Indoor-позиционирование (индор навигация) представляет собой систему навигации внутри магазина, которая помогает покупателям быстро и легко находить нужные отделы и товары, а также получать информацию о их местоположении внутри магазина.

Позиционирование в магазине может улучшить продажи, поскольку покупатели могут быстро и легко находить нужные товары, что в свою очередь может привести к увеличению чека.

Для индор навигации используются технологии Bluetooth и позиционные BLE датчики, которые позволяют определять местоположение покупателей внутри магазина.

Наша система навигации в зданиях INP обладает точностью в пределах 1-3 метра, что позволяет определять местоположение покупателей внутри магазина с точностью до прилавка или товарной категории.

Да, навигацию в помещениях INP может быть настроено с учетом индивидуальных потребностей каждого магазина, чтобы соответствовать его уникальным требованиям и маршрута.

С помощью платформы INP можно собирать информацию о перемещении посетителей, продажах и поведении покупателей внутри магазина.

Позиционирование в помещениях INP может быть полезным инструментом в управлении запасами, позволяя магазинам отслеживать местоположение товаров и количество оставшихся на складе.

Да, навигацию в помещениях магазина можно использовать для персонализации предложений, например, показывая покупателям товары партнеров, которые участвуют в маркетинговых кампаниях вашего магазина.

Навигация внутри помещений может помочь увеличить продажи в розничных магазинах, предоставляя покупателям более точные и быстрые инструкции о том, как найти нужные товары, а также информацию о том, где они расположены и какие акции действуют. Это может сделать процесс покупок более удобным и улучшить общий опыт покупателей, что в конечном итоге может привести к увеличению продаж.

Да, розничные сети магазины могут использовать данные из своих магазинов, которые собираются с помощью навигации внутри помещений, для улучшения своего бизнеса. Эти данные могут помочь изучить поведение покупателей, определить самые популярные зоны в магазине, понять, какие продукты продавать наиболее эффективно и многое другое. Это позволит в розничных магазинах повысить продажи и общее качество обслуживания покупателей.

Retail компании могут защитить конфиденциальность своих покупателей, используя методы анонимности данных, которые собираются с помощью систем трекинга перемещений внутри помещений. Это означает, что данные не будут содержать личную информацию о покупателях, такую как их имена, адреса или номера телефонов.

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