Navigation at concerts

The digitalization of concert venues ensures a higher quality of concerts, makes visiting events more convenient and comfortable for visitors, and also increases the level of security and control on the territory of the concert venue.

One of the key elements of concert digitalization is a positioning system that allows visitors to quickly and easily navigate the concert venue, determine their position, build a route to a bar and a place in a restaurant.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Indoors Navigation Platform. (INP) is based on the use of an interactive map of the event in the phone, infomat and computer.

The mobile application will allow visitors to get an interactive map of the club and their position on it, as well as detailed information about the event and current news.

The use of indoor positioning systems at a concert venue can help control staff and ensure the safety of the event. The INP navigation platform can be used to track the location of staff at an event and monitor their activities.

For example, at an event, you can install position sensors that will transmit location data for each employee to the server. The event administrator can track the location of the staff at the concert venue, which will allow him to quickly respond to possible problems or delays in work.

Also, the indoor positioning system can help in controlling the access of personnel to certain areas of the concert venue, for example, to the engineering area or to the equipment warehouse. This will ensure the safety of the event and prevent possible complications with the loss.


Performance Benefits:

  • Convenience for the audience. The positioning system allows the audience to find their seats more easily, as well as better control the flow of traffic within the concert hall. Mobile navigation apps allow attendees to easily navigate the event, find the shortest route, and find their way to public areas and food outlets.
  • Safety. Tracking systems help improve safety at concerts by preventing possible accidents and creating a comfortable environment for attendees.
  • Improve the consumer experience. Concert navigation systems help improve the overall experience of the audience by providing better sound quality, more impactful atmosphere, and easier navigation within the concert hall.
  • Improved sound. Indoor navigation systems allow you to fine-tune your audio equipment and create a better sound at a concert.
  • More efficient lighting. Navigation platforms can also help with lighting control, creating a brighter and more impactful concert atmosphere.

Customer focus

An interactive map of the event allows visitors to get information about the venue of the event: a map of the concert hall, wardrobe, toilets, bars, places to rest, as well as information about the location of emergency exits and medical points.

What a concert attendee gets:

  • Easy Navigation in the Concert Venue: An indoor positioning system can help attendees find the right areas faster and easier, such as ticket offices, restrooms, bars, restaurants, etc.
  • Improved service: With the help of the indoor navigation system, concert attendees can be offered a personalized service, such as the ability to order drinks and snacks on the spot, as well as receive personalized promotional offers and recommendations for nearby recreational and entertainment areas .
  • Security: A positioning system can help in the event of an evacuation by locating visitors and guiding them to the exits in case of an emergency. The greater the understanding of the direction of movement, the less panic!
  • Better visual and audio experience: Using the positioning system, you can determine the best place to watch and listen to a concert, which improves the quality of the experience.

Digitalization of the concert venue

Digitization of the concert venue with the introduction of an indoor navigation system is a necessity for the administration, as it allows to optimize processes and improve interaction with visitors.

With the help of such a system, you can increase the efficiency of the staff, reduce the time to find the right places and simplify the process of organizing concerts. In addition, the presence of a modern navigation system on the site can attract more visitors who will appreciate the comfort and convenience of attending events.

What the administration of the concert hall gets:

  • Visitor location detection: allows you to monitor the movement of visitors at the event, detect problems with the availability of places and quickly respond to possible threats.
  • Access Control: allows you to control the flow of visitors, control the time spent by spectators at the event and provide higher security.
  • Personnel tracking: INP’s geographic information system allows you to track the movements of employees in real time. For example, to know the location of security guards and cleaners in order to manage them more quickly.
  • Improved marketing: A positioning system can collect attendee behavior data and help concert organizers improve marketing strategies and increase ticket sales for future events.

Relevance of Indoors Navigation Platform GIS implementation

Digitization of concert venues is the process of introducing modern technologies to improve the quality of sound, lighting, visual effects and navigation at concerts.

Implementing indoor navigation at a concert can improve the overall experience of attendees by making it easier for them to find the right place and reducing the hassle of finding their way around a large hall or arena. Also, such a system can help the organizers to control the flow of visitors and load distribution to different areas of the event, increasing the overall safety and comfort at the concert.

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