Practical use of indoor navigation

We offer modern tools for visitor behavior management of shopping centers, shops, museums, restaurants, airports, clinics, hospitals and other public areas, which improve the comfort of movement and quality of service, optimize the work of the service structural units of the facility.

The implementation of a digital twin of an object and indoor navigation and information system is required in any large building where it is necessary to optimize maintenance costs, to have up-to-date information on operational processes and personnel movements.


Shopping centers

Convenient navigation – the most important factor of success.

Architectural spaces in XXI century are absolutely independent “cities under a roof” – huge retail and entertainment centres with thematic “streets” and directions require a modern approach to navigation. To make do by necessary minimum – cursors and sign plates – means not simply not to correspond modern realias, and moreover, to create additional problems for the visitors of controlled space. Convenient navigation is the most important success factor.


Increase in loyalty and interest of audience

The largest world museums use modern technologies for visitors engagement to the main expositions and to temporary exhibitions, work with new young audience, doing it more loyal and interested in visiting.


Creation of an optimum route and help in navigation

Underground railway systems is the base of transport system of large city. It reliably connects city centre with industrial and residential areas. Such huge volume of passenger traffic requires a constant control, operational response to alarming situations, as well as optimisation of process of transportation of people: from cash department at the inlet to exit to city. In spite of big work on improvement of inside navigation, in the underground can be observed the people who look around and try to make sense, where they are and where to them to go.


Informing passengers on departure time of flight, changes and delays

Modern airport is a difficult complex having own infrastructure, the set of processes and means for realisation of volumetric transport tasks to passenger and freight traffics. Dissatisfied visitor becomes factor of decrease of loyality and as investigation – factor of decrease of attendance, reduction of the sales, discontent of lessees and partners.


Digitalization of manufacturing processes and tracking equipment in workshops.

Automation of production has been a trend in recent years.
Digital twin of the factory and workshop navigation with movement monitoring is one of the important factors in increasing productivity and safety at work.


Allows to collect statistical data on movements

Before World Cup in soccer 2018 it is important to grant a total spectrum of services and high service to the visitors, therefore we are aimed to solve the problem with quick orientation on stadiums and other infrastructure objects, to finish with wanderings on corridors and tribunes.









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