How it works


In the premise are installed iBeacon (Eddystone) lights which of the transmitted radio waves accepted by mobile device and determining own location thereon


Through development version of application is chosen algorithm of location definition, firmware and operating mode of lights with opportunity of their monitoring.


By means Web panel of graphic editor is outlined the building map and its building spaces. By the aid of Web service and database, to mobile application is introduced necessary information: title and description of premises of the building, the arrangement of lights, path graphs, locating zones etc.


To database with function of access control is going detailed objects visits history, tracking route of moving, the time of finding in zones and other activity including personnel monitoring.


For the decision of marketing tasks and for mailing of targeting PUSH-messages (for example about discounts), in view of analytical data and user’s profile (floor, age, behaviour), is used Web panel of our service.


Professional API with detailed description quickly integrates to diverse iOS and Android applications, as well as it integrates with corporate systems.

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