Indoor navigation provides high accuracy by supporting a variety of standards and equipment: iBeacon (Bluetooth), Wi-Fi, AoA (BLE), UWB, RFID, QR, AR


Location infrastructure is being deployed indoors - iBeacon beacons, Wi-Fi access points, AoA locators, UWB receivers, navigation racks that emit special signals. These signals are received by mobile devices and allow you to determine the exact location.


With the help of a special application, the service is configured: the operating mode of navigation and equipment is selected.


By means Web panel of graphic editor is outlined the building map and its building spaces. With the help of a web control panel and a graphic editor, a 3D map of the building and its premises is created, names and descriptions, equipment location are entered, routes are built, location zones, etc.


An API with a detailed description quickly integrates with corporate systems, while iOS and Android SDKs make it easy to integrate into any mobile application and CRM system.


The database with the function of access control collects a detailed history of visits to objects, tracking the route of movement, time spent in zones and other activities.


To solve marketing problems and send targeted messages, taking into account analytical data and the user profile, the corresponding section of the service is used.

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