AR navigation

Indoor navigation with the use of augmented reality is the display of a route drawn in real space by 3D graphics on the screen of a mobile device.

Indoor navigation with augmented reality helps visitors find the shortest or predetermined route to their indoor location of interest.

Compared to map-based navigation solutions, indoor AR navigation is capable of visualizing digital content on the way to a destination: object information, advertisements and other data.

Using augmented reality for navigation has a positive effect on the development of an object and user loyalty.
Traffic optimization Users find the route they are interested in much faster and get to the desired point in the building.
Advertising along the route Displaying the necessary information along the path of the visitor based on his position.
Gamification of visiting a building In interactive mode, visitors can follow the route on their own or with tips from a virtual guide.
Product search Application for measuring the level of beacon signals and database updates.
AR indoor navigation is necessary for any objects: airports, shopping centers, factories and plants, warehouses, offices, museums, clinics and hospitals.

Our augmented reality navigation system supports user positioning and route correction using QR codes, visual image recognition, wi-fi tracking and Bluetooth beacons.

AR navigation in the Indoors Navigation Platform has an API, due to which it can be easily integrated with your CMS and into the mobile application using the available iOS and Android SDK.
Detailed documentation will make this process as fast as possible.

iOS SDK Improve your application with the wide functionality of our solution, opening up new possibilities for users.
Android SDK
Android SDK Integrate our platform and provide your users with a map service and easy indoor navigation.

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