Navigation in malls

Convenient navigation in a shopping center (mall) is one of the most important success factors. The lack of modern solutions leads to customer dissatisfaction, which means a decrease in traffic and sales.

The introduction of a digital twin and geographic information system in a shopping center will reduce operating costs and bring additional profit, as well as make the visit more convenient and interesting.

The shopping center will have access to a new effective advertising sales channel that will recoup the implementation costs many times over.

Through the mobile application, the user receives useful and relevant information for him, and with it, useful and relevant advertising for him!

Benefits for the shopping center:

  • Digital twin of a shopping center. Reduced building maintenance costs and convenient monitoring of utility networks in the control panel.
  • Modern navigation inside the shopping center lays out the route for the purchase of selected goods. Target points of the route can be selected so that the visitor passes through certain stores. Convenient search for a car in the parking lot.
  • An additional source of income through geo-contextual advertising services. Walking past a cafe or a specific store, the visitor receives an offer (push notification) with a discount.
  • Statistical information about movements in the shopping center. Visitor flow visualization and analytics, heat maps, route tracking.
  • Employee tracking. Monitoring the movement of workers on the map of the shopping center with information about entering a certain area and sending messages.
  • New channel of communication with visitors, employees and tenants. Operational information about changes in the territory of the shopping center with reference to geolocation.
  • Useful entertainment services based on augmented reality and AR navigation.
    Solutions for people with disabilities. Audio guides.


The relevance of mobile inland navigation technologies is evidenced by the number of large-scale installations of iBeacon beacons produced by such well-known global brands as BigW, Target, Macy’s, IKEA, H&M, Topshop, McDonald’s and Carrefour.

The latest research from the IHL Group shows that the percentage of retailers planning to use in-navigation is growing every year.

Benefits for visitors:

  • A shopping center map in your mobile phone with the ability to get directions to the desired store, cafe or car.
  • Quickly determine your position in the shopping center and guide you along the route in the navigator mode.
  • Convenient feedback channel with the administration of the shopping center, the ability to quickly leave a review or comment.
  • Integration with social networks. Displaying friends from social media on the mall map networks.
  • Gamification of the visiting process through the use of augmented reality. AR navigation in the shopping center and virtual advertising and entertainment installations.
  • Place the car on the map of the shopping center in the mobile application and the ability to plot a route to it.


Indoors Navigation provides new modern services, thanks to which the mall will be able to attract an online audience.

With the help of internal GIS navigation, the administration of the shopping center can influence the behavior of visitors, manage their time and increase the length of their stay in the shopping center.

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