Platform INP

Solution Indoors Navigation - universal building management platform, which allows to solve many problems associated with the definition of the user position in the room. The digital twin of the building allows the most effective monitoring of the main systems and services of the building, keeping track of working hours.

The indoor geolocation services platform includes analytical and marketing tools for displaying all metrics of the object.
The platform consists of eight spaces and mobile tool of developer
Building Information about your building, all operational characteristics and metrics in a visual form.
Developer board Developer Dashboard for creating and customizing mobile applications.
Statistics Analytical and marketing tools for facility management.
Tracking Tracking all movements on the object in real time.
Advertising A new channel for disseminating information with reference to the position of users and conducting advertising campaigns.
Profile board User's account: photo, first name, last name, gender, age, hobby, preferences, country, region, city, address, social networks, settings.
Mobile Developer Tool Application for setting up navigation on site and monitoring the state of equipment.
Build own mobile app using our development tools.
The use of our highly accurate room navigation service in your iOS and Android applications is possible thanks to the integration of SDK and API, which allows developers to quickly access the marketing and analytical part of the INP platform.

Building a mobile indoor navigation app using the Indoors SDK from Indoors Navigation opens up new business opportunities and improves user experience. It allows you to navigate inside buildings, quickly find the right places, personnel and equipment.

The Indoors SDK is a turnkey toolkit for developing iOS and Android apps using indoor navigation technology. It allows you to create accurate maps of premises, display the current location of users and automatically find the best routes.

Creating a mobile application based on the Indoors SDK takes place in several stages:

The first step is to create an accurate room model of the building that will be used in the application. For this, a special editor is used in the Indoors Navigation Platform, which allows you to work with vector drawings and create accurate maps with a high degree of detail.

Next, you need to integrate the map with the Indoors SDK, which will allow you to display the current location of the user and find the best routes to the desired points.

In addition, the application can be supplemented with other functionalities, such as adding category search, information about nearby cafes or shops, as well as making it possible to personalize routes and save favorite places.

Building a mobile indoor navigation app using the Indoors SDK is a quick and inexpensive way to improve user experience and give your business more opportunities to acquire and retain customers.
iOS SDK Improve own application with the wide functionality provided by our solution, unlocking new possibilities for users.
Android SDK Use our templates and create own applications with indoor navigation function, analytics and marketing.
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