Navigation in parking

Digitalization of parking spaces is a necessary minimum at the current pace of city development and represents the process of introducing modern solutions to optimize the management and use of parking areas.

Modern parking navigation solutions include technologies aimed at simplifying the process of finding a parking space and improving the overall efficiency of parking systems, increasing accessibility for all types of users.

The digitalization of underground parking is aimed at creating an intelligent and convenient environment for drivers and residents, where each stage of parking is maximally adapted to the needs: remote booking, payment, and quick search for a space in a public parking lot.

Increasing comfort for drivers and pedestrians, increasing profitability and reducing costs when operating a parking lot is achieved by introducing GIS INP.

Modern navigation in a digital parking lot is carried out through a website, infomat or mobile application, which is part of a geographic information system based on a digital twin of the Indoors Navigation Platform® parking lot.

The mobile application has navigation functionality that tracks the position of the user, both a pedestrian and a motorist, throughout the entire open or underground parking area using a digital 3D map, administered through a web control panel.
The parking floor and the user’s position on it are determined automatically by the mobile application using bluetooth signals from position sensors INB v1.2 or analogues installed at the facility.

The user is guided along the route as in the navigator, and also has the opportunity to view a description and photo of the parking space, book it if it is available and the application is approved by the administrator or owner. Notifications about the start and end of bookings are sent to the mobile application.
Also, the user of the mobile application can use augmented reality (AR) mode to navigate along the route in the parking lot.

If the user does not have a mobile application, he can scan the QR code on the territory and download a digital parking map in the mobile phone browser indicating the location where he is. Build a route to the point of interest, look at the description and photo of the parking space, and book it.

Using the messenger built into the INP® platform, the user can contact the administrator, send a request to the technical support channel or other users.
If the parking space is occupied by another car, or the lighting does not work there, the user can send a corresponding complaint/application from a mobile application linked to geolocation.

The parking space reservation service can be used by registered users in the INP® platform and logged into their personal account using their username and password in the mobile application or smartphone browser.
In the user’s personal account, the user’s full name, photo, e-mail, telephone, company, position, identifier, tag, social networks, description, car make and number and other necessary data are specified.
Automatic determination of whether a parking space is occupied or not is carried out based on the geoposition data of the user whose car is tied to the parking space, or by integrating the API of parking cameras (sensors) from other vendors.

In the web control panel of the INP platform, a digital parking map is created, user routes, entrances, exits, elevators, stairs and other points of interest (POI) are specified, and parking modes are configured.

The administrator processes, confirms and rejects applications for renting parking spaces from users of the mobile application in a single web control panel of the INP® platform. Can add and delete parking spaces, configure booking availability, and see data from the user’s personal account.

Statistics of user movements are collected in the Analytics section of the web control panel, visualized in the form of graphs and heat maps, and uploaded as reports.

A mobile application based on the Indoors SDK, when integrated via API, can control underground parking equipment.
Thanks to the video analytics module of the INP® platform and integration into the access control system, it is possible to control gates and barriers by recognizing the user’s face or vehicle license plate number.

Benefits of implementing a geographic information system (GIS) in a parking lot:

Digital twin of parking.
A virtual representation of the parking area with all utilities, the ability to control equipment and display in real time up-to-date information about the availability of parking spaces.

Interactive map of the parking area.
GIS INP allows you to create a digital map of the parking area with an accurate indication of the location of each parking space and their parameters. Provides user accompaniment along the route as in the navigator to the selected parking space, elevator or exit. Integration with IOT.

Monitoring of parking personnel and equipment.
To increase labor efficiency and optimize the working time of parking employees, as well as monitor the performance of their duties, the INP tracking module is used. Security guards, cleaners and engineers will spend more time performing their duties and less time smoking, knowing that management has information about where they are.

Reservation and payment for parking.
The functionality of booking parking spaces and paying for them in the GIS Indoors Navigation Platform allows drivers to pre-plan their visit and avoid the inconvenience of finding a parking space after the visit.

Statistical data and analytics of movements in the parking lot.
GIS collects data on parking space usage, allowing you to analyze trends, forecast congestion, generate reports and heat maps to optimize parking management. Visual routes of movement of visitors and staff in different time periods.

Customer focus

The modern standard of service for drivers and owners of parking spaces allows us to create maximum comfort when visiting a parking lot in a residential complex, shopping or office center.

Simplify your navigation with a digital map and navigator on your personal mobile device.

What the users gets:

  • A map of the entire parking lot in your mobile phone with a visualization of the parking zones.
  • Optimal routes to free parking spaces, elevators and exits.
  • Book parking spaces in advance to ensure there is space available upon arrival.
  • Quickly find specialized areas, such as handicapped spaces or electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Possibility of renting out your parking space and receiving additional income..
  • Communication channel with the administration, targeted chats and reviews.
  • Gamification of the visiting process through the use of augmented reality. AR parking lot navigation and virtual game scenarios.


Digitalization includes the implementation of automated parking management systems that can regulate access to parking spaces, optimize the use of space and collect analytical data.

INP successfully helps manage the internal processes of any parking space.

Improve control over your parking employees, allowing you to more effectively distribute workload and resources.

What does the parking administration receive:

  • A detailed map of the parking space, indicating the status of each space.
  • Statistical data and analytical reports in different time periods.
  • Ability to manage work processes online. Tracking the movements of employees and equipment on the map.
  • Optimizing the use of parking space, taking into account the popularity of different zones, days, hours.
  • Automation of control and service processes, integration with the ticketing and payment system.
  • A new channel for feedback from users in one platform.
  • Increased parking safety and visual information about events occurring in the area.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase the economic efficiency of parking.

Effectiveness and relevance

The implementation of the INP geographic information system, the use of positioning and tracking tools, will help increase the efficiency of the entire parking lot by 30%, increase the profitability from renting parking spaces by 25%, improve the quality of visitor service by 20%, and the safety of assets by 15% (inventory and equipment).

Часто задаваемые вопросы по навигации на парковках с Indoors Navigation Platform (INP)

Цифровизация парковки с геоинформационной системой (ГИС) представляет собой внедрение технологий для оптимизации использования парковочного пространства и улучшения навигации на парковке.

Современная навигация на парковке предлолагает использование технологий, таких как геоинформационные системы (ГИС), датчики, камеры и мобильные приложения для оптимизации поиска и управления парковочными местами.

Преимущества включают возможность получения дополнительного дохода, оптимизацию использования парковочного пространства, сокращение времени поиска места, повышение уровня безопасности, удобство использования и поддержку различных сервисов для водителей и пешеходов.

Стоимость варьироваться в зависимости от размера парковки и используемых технологий. Основная часть расходов это оборудование, программное обеспечение, интеграция со сторонними ситемами и пусконаладочные работы (ПНР).

Да, наша система навигации для помещений позволяет водителям бронировать парковочные места заранее через мобильные приложения или веб-виджет платформы Indoors Navigation Platform.

Платформа INP может использовать мобильные уведомления и информационные табло (инфоматы) для указания наличия свободных или занятых парковочных мест.

Водители и другие пользователи могут использовать мобильные приложения для поиска мест, бронирования и оплаты парковки, а также получения информации о состоянии парковочного пространства.

Наша платформа с интерактивной картой разрабатотана с учетом возможности интеграции с существующими интенерными системами управления парковкой и транспортной инфраструктурой за счет открытого API.

Не обязательно. В браузере можно пользоваться клиентское решение без установки сторонних приложений, достаточно просто отсканировать QR код или загрузить интерактивную карту с расположением машиномест.

Для использования возможности ведения по маршруте в реальном времени и отслеживания перемещений, необходимо установить мобильное приложение, которое можно найти в соответствующих магазинах для вашего устройства или интегрировать в готовое приложение за счет Indoors SDK. Подробная документация доступна в панели управления платформой INP.

Точность позиционирования внутри помещений INP может зависеть от типа используемого оборудования и выбранной технологии, и одет варьироваться от 0.5 метра до 3-ех метров. На улице точность определяется качеством приему GPS сигналов и составляет порядка 10 метров.

Данные о пользователях, собранные при использовании системы внутреннего позиционирования, могут быть использованы только для оптимизации маршрутов и лучшего планирования ресурсов. Они хранятся в зашифрованном виде на серверах администрации.

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