Indoor navigation service with set of analytic and advertising instruments.

Create a modern navigational system for your object, implementing the service into mobile app (using API) or developing the new one with our web constructor.


Simplifies orientation within a public area.

Indoor navigation through the application installed on Android or iOS mobile device.


Allows to collect statistic data on user's movements.

Allows to analyse visitors flow and to track movements on the building map in real time.


Effective geo context advertising channel.

Powerful marketing tool that allows to work effectively with the target audience, increasing sales and customers' loyalty, what leads to higher profit.


Real time monitoring the movement of objects on the map.

The Web application allows the administration to track movements of staff members, equipment, and other assets around the building.

Augmented reality

Navigation with the usage of 3D graphics.

The app uses smartphone's cam to make visual navigation, to build a route, to find the necessary objects in the building using graphics

Wi-Fi analytics

Service automation and proximity marketing.

Wi-fi authorization page branding, customer interaction and their smartphones signal analysis even while they are not registered in the network
Our projects
The navigation and information mobile application "Stadiums" was developed specially to the FIFA World Cup which was held in Russia in 2018.
Mobile guide of the State Museum of Pushkin, with an integrated building navigator, audio guide, augmented reality service and the possibility of real-time content updates.
Mobile navigator in the building of the largest aquarium in Russia, with information about the complex and entertainment service based on augmented reality.
Information and navigation mobile service for the complex "Strogino Technopark", with an integrated building navigator based on Wi-fi and Bluetooth signals, augmented reality and audio search.
The navigational mobile application with a map of the building, tenant allocation scheme and information about the scope of their activities, which updates via the web control panel.
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