Navigation in airports

Airport digitalization is one of the main tasks in the modern realities of the constant growth of passenger traffic and a large number of service divisions.

A modern navigation solution on the territory of an airport or railway station will provide visitors with the most convenient service and make their journey more comfortable, raising the prestige of this transport hub.

Passengers will be able to familiarize themselves in advance with the location of the check-in counter or boarding gate they need, plan a route and follow the navigator in their mobile phone. Delays on flights due to orienteering problems will be minimized.

The administration will be much more effective in monitoring engineering systems and personnel based on the digital twin of an airport or train station.

The geographic information system opens up benefits for all participants in transport processes, allows you to reduce costs and increase profits of an airport, railway station or any other transport hub

Airport benefits:

  • Digital twin of the building with display of operational processes.
  • Display of passenger traffic in real time, visualization of the most congested areas depending on time.
  • Additional revenue from the geo-contextual advertising service.
  • Quickly informing passengers about changes due to the built-in messenger and push message service — flight delays, gate changes.
  • Gamification of the user experience through augmented reality will have a positive effect on passenger loyalty.
  • Increasing labor efficiency through monitoring. moving employees on the airport map online
  • Improving the security of an airport or train station.
  • Tracking baggage on the territory of the airport will help minimize cases of loss.
  • Control of the safety of tangible assets — tracking of assets and equipment being moved using wireless technologies in real time will minimize losses, breakdowns and increase the service life, thereby preserving deductions for depreciation.

Benefits for the passenger:

  • Airport map in your mobile phone with the ability to get directions to the desired check-in counter or boarding gate.
  • Information in the phone about current changes and promotions at the airport or train station: flight delays, boarding gate numbers, discounts in shops and restaurants.
  • Quickly find your car in the airport parking lot.

Indoor Navigation solution will help to reduce orientation time and increase the laminarity of passenger traffic, and, accordingly, increase the level of passenger comfort and profit.

  • The digital twin and information modeling of the airport or railway station operation processes reduce costs by 20%.
  • Analytical data will allow you to adjust the rates for tenants of premises on the territory of the airport and justify the cost.
  • Visualization of the main behavioral metrics: building heat maps, traffic assessment, traffic forecasting system, audience portrait, integration with social media profiles, visitor segmentation, identifying preferences in various client segments, evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Часто задаваемые вопросы по навигации в аэропорту

Аэропорт обычно имеет большое внутреннее пространство и в основном сильно переполнен. Пассажирам часто сложно ориентироваться. Благодаря системе определения местоположения в помещении пассажиры могут чувствовать себя более комфортно и передвигаться без лишнего стресса из-за опоздания.

Позиционирование в помещении может помочь руководству аэропорта отслеживать движение пассажиров и соответственно управлять потоками на входах и выходах.

Администрация может отправлять пользователям уведомления в приложение с информацией о наиболее разгруженных входах и выходах, доступных переходах и пустых пунктах досмотра.

Аэропорт может использовать систему позиционирования в помещениях Индор Навигейшн для управления пассажиропотоками и обслуживающим персоналом, а также создавать интерактивные сценарии взаимодействия с пассажирами, предлагаю им воспользоваться новыми сервисами в игровой манере.

Навигация в своем смартфоне, быстрое определение местоположения, получение уведомлений с привязкой к геопозиции, отслеживание в реальном времени движения по маршруту, анализ движения материальных активов и оборудования, маркетинговые сценарии с использованием дополненной реальности и другое.

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