A specialized BLE tag attached to tangible assets or employees whose movement needs to be tracked in the building.
The functionality of our platform includes a section for tracking assets and allows the building administration to accurately identify any object by attaching or placing a Navitag tag on it.

Tracking assets and personnel using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies allows you to effectively optimize work processes at the facility, more efficiently manage it in real time and reduce operating costs.

Tracking and authentication system allows you to control location of employees, creating a comfortable working environment and efficient use of both the work space and time.

What you can use NAVI TAG for:

Personnel tracking

Is there a consultant in your department of the store or not?

Where is the employee of the shopping center at a given time?

Did the guard make a round and when?

Was the janitor in the given places?

How often does a worker leave to smoke?

Equipment tracking

Displaying tangible assets on the building map

Displaying the movement of machinery and equipment in the warehouse

Displaying the time of movement due to the accelerometer in Navitag

Control of zones in the building

Informing about an employee entering a foreign zone

Informing about a worker entering a dangerous zone

Alerting guards about unauthorized employees

Product search on warehouses

Where is the manufactured product located in the warehouse?

Where did the pallets or containers go?

Where is the forklift located?

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