Navigation in factory

A modern factory or production is a huge complex, in which not only cargo, but also a person can get lost. They can consist of several workshops, compartments, hangars or terminals.

The development of such a complex poses many tasks for the management, and we offer their solution with a minimum investment in infrastructure.

Digitalization of a warehouse or production, as well as the introduction of indoor navigation is necessary to meet modern realities and superiority over competitors.

The geo-information system based on the Indoors Navigation platform allows you to solve problems that are relevant for any enterprise factory.

What tasks do we solve:

  • The digital twin of a warehouse or factory.
    Monitoring the operation of operational systems and displaying basic metrics in the control panel.
  • Acceleration of the search for the required cargo or goods.
    Building a route through the warehouse to the desired shelf with the goods. Quick and convenient familiarization of new employees with the location of the warehouse.
  • Increase productivity and convenience of work due to personnel tracking.
    The management of the enterprise can at any time see where this or that employee is, find out the history of movements, and with the help of the built-in messenger, promptly give instructions and distribute them to the workshops. Reports on the time of arrival at work.
  • Increasing the level of safety and security of goods. Displaying the movement of equipment and other assets in real time. History of movement through the object. Informing about getting into dangerous areas.

Increase the productivity of the plant by improving the working conditions of employees, labor safety and control over the safety of tangible assets.

  • Creation of an accurate centralized system for storing information about all goods and cargo
  • Convenience of cataloging and segmentation of large batches of goods
  • Optimization of the number of personnel and reduction of risks associated with the human factor
  • Additional description of goods using augmented reality system
  • Big data analytics system to optimize key business indicators
  • Navigation within production with precise identification of the location of the employee and / or cargo
  • Motion analytics with heatmap
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