Warehouses and Production

Modern warehouses and production lines are huge complexes, in which not only cargo can be lost, but also people.

Such facilities may consist of several compartments, hangars or terminals.

Indoors Navigation solves the problem with easy orientation in industrial complexes and terminals, with a quick search for the necessary goods and other infrastructure. The risk of losing goods is minimalized.

Tasks we solve:

  • Improving the quality of service and increasing customers’ loyalty. We help to increase staff performance by reducing the time needed to find any item or cargo with our navigational technology.
  • In addition to that, customers are automatically notified about delivered goods or items, which are ready to be picked up.Increase employee’s productivity and make working process more convenient.
  • Smart interface for communication and giving feedback through the app.Ability to do surveys and get feedback from users.
  • Improving the level of safety and cargo’s security.Control of access zones.
  • History of movements at the object.Movements of equipment and other assets are displayed in real time

  • Monitoring and accounting of staff’ performance.
    Web control panel, displaying  the movements of employees in real time

New opportunities, such as:

  • Working with an accurate centralized data storage system, which contains all info about all goods and cargos
  • Convenient cataloging with segmentation of large quantities of goods
  • Optimization of the number of staff and reduction of risks associated with human factors
  • Additional description of goods through AR system
  • Big data analytics system for optimization of key business indicators
  • Navigation within the factory with the exact location of an employee or cargo (or both)
  • Motion Analytics with Heat Map