Subway navigation

Positioning at metro stations becomes much more convenient thanks to a mobile navigator for public transport passengers, which will quickly get the route to the desired point.

A mobile navigator based on the INP platform helps to quickly get acquainted with the TPU map and saves time at the station, improves the level of travel comfort and passenger loyalty. Contributes to the creation of a barrier-free environment for the movement of MGN, visually impaired and blind passengers.


Moscow is a vivid example of not only a dynamically developing "smart city", but also a technological transport hub. Public transport is becoming more popular and in demand, there is a constant expansion of the infrastructure created for this, making it larger and more difficult to navigate.

The Moscow Metro is the backbone of the capital's transport system. That is why, as part of a pilot project, the Indors Navigation team implemented its geographic information system in the Tsaritsyno transport hub, implementing a convenient navigator for passengers.

Metro station digital twin

The Indoors Navi team created an exact digital copy of the entire Tsaritsyno interchange hub with a detailed 3D map of the metro station, MCD, commuter trains, all crossings and stops. Installed more than 100 position sensors at the station.

Mobile app

With the help of a mobile application, a passenger can quickly find his way around the transport hub, understand where he is and get directions to the point he needs: a ticket office, a platform or a wagon. The real-time navigator application guides him along the route in the shortest way, providing information about infrastructure facilities and points of interest at the station. The passenger can quickly find out which crossings are closed for repairs and how best to get around. What cash desks work and their schedule. Where is the first car, bus stop or the desired store.

WEB control panel

The service is controlled from the web control panel, where you can quickly change routes, update information about objects or inform the passenger with a targeted message. Geoinformation system Indors Navigation provides seamless navigation both at underground metro stations and at street stations of the MCD and MCC, continuously accompanying the user.

AR navigation

The service also has the ability to follow the route in augmented reality mode. By scanning a special marker, the user can see the route through the phone's camera in real space. The augmented reality service can display advertising content with 3D graphics.

Navigator for the visually impaired and the blind

The passenger navigator has a special mode for people with limited mobility, including the visually impaired and the blind. You can build a special route that will lead through the passages intended for them without steps, elevators and ramps. For the visually impaired, there is a special interface with voice acting and voice prompts along the route. At any time, the user can request help with a link to his position by clicking. And specially installed sensors with sound signals will help them accurately determine their location and proceed to the end of the route.

Metro statistics and analytics

In a geographic information system, based on visit statistics, points of attraction of an object are determined, a heat map is built, and popular routes are visualized. The metro administration receives data on crowded areas and congested sections with time reference and sees the movement of users online.

Integration of the navigator into other applications

Due to the open API of the platform and the Indoors SDK, the functionality of the navigator can be quickly integrated into other mobile applications, such as Metro or Moscow Transport. The system is fast to deploy and easy to scale with simple mounting without damaging the surface and supports a wide range of mobile devices.

Interfaces of the mobile application - navigator in the subway

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