The navigation is carried out in several ways:

  • By wi-fi, bluetooth networks and smart phone sensors – when the user’s location in the building is determined and a route built to the desired object, along which the mobile device drives it trough;
  • With the audio guide, which guides through the expositions, telling about the objects;
  • With the use of augmented reality (AR), pointing with arrows, the route and direction of movement trough the camera of the smartphone, also showing 3D animation of the exhibits.

The administration can create special media routes in the control panel that launch video clips or audio tracks when a user is at a certain point. It also sends informational PUSH notifications.

The application has a news section, in which interesting events in a museum and passing exhibitions published.

Every user has their personal account and the ability to log in via Facebook.

In the application control panel, the administration has access to analytical information and wide statistics of museum visits in different sections with heat maps.