Railway Station

GIS allows you to determine the location of any objects, such as railway stations, which are complexes with a large infrastructure for passenger transportation. It is not easy for a passenger to navigate in places with a large number of transitions and exits, especially when the route of movement is not regular, and searching using only navigation signs is not the most convenient

Navigation is carried out in several ways:

The indoor positioning system is based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, as well as GPS for outdoor navigation. SDK INP is a built-in iOS and Android mobile application.


AR navigation.
By scanning a special marker in AR mode, the user can move by observing the route through the phone camera in real space due to 3D graphics. The augmented reality service allows you not only to show routes, but also to demonstrate creative advertising content in a playful manner with 3D animation.

Navigation for people with limited mobility (MGN).
The application has the ability to build special routes for the category of low-mobility groups of the population (MGN) and guide them using voice prompts only along the passages, elevators and ramps intended for them.

Marketing and analytics of movements.
The station administration receives information about the areas of congestion of passengers and the most congested areas in different time sections. Direct informs visitors about events, closed platforms and repairs, promotions and discounts in stores by sending targeted PUSH messages based on preference data and location information. Based on the statistics of visits, the points of attraction of the object are determined, a heat map is built and popular routes are visualized.

Tracking of personnel.
To optimize work processes, a special mobile application is installed on the phone for employees, a badge or bracelet is issued, and electronic BLE tags are attached to tangible assets. The station administrator monitors the movement of staff in real time, can control the places of stay and working hours of employees, see the movement of material values inside the building and on the territory.

Mobile app structure