Moscow Technopolis

The navigational mobile application with a map of the building, tenant allocation scheme and information about the scope of their activities, which updates via the web control panel.
  • The app helps visitors of one of the largest industrial complexes of the city of Moscow to orientate and navigate inside the building even without GPS signals. It determines the location of the user, paves the way to the selected room, constantly showing the remaining path and displaying it on the building map.

The functionality of the application allows to quickly get to the desired point in a huge complex, where one visual navigation is not enough. To ensure high accuracy in determining the position in the room, the infrastructure with iBeacon sensors and built-in sensors of the mobile device (accelerometer, gyroscope and compass) are used. There is all information about Moscow Technopolis, its’ premises and tenants, all the actual info displayed in the app for a user. The administrator has extensive analytical tools to monitor the movement of personnel and to obtain statistical data on the attendance of an object.