Wi-Fi Monitor

This is a modern solution for any business that works with live traffic of visitors and opens up the possibilities of Wi-Fi marketing.
Wi-Fi marketing allows you to work with a wide audience that is located (or was) in the immediate vicinity of your object.
Using Wi-Fi marketing, you can build your own local advertising Wi-Fi network, reduce advertising costs and attract an audience that will be relevant to your offer. This solution is suitable for any industry of customer-oriented business (BTC).

Wi-Fi Monitor Is a ready-made set of equipment with pre-installed software of its own development.


Logic of actions:

Devices with Wi-Fi enabled constantly broadcast a signal in search of networks for further connection to them.
they send requests containing a unique device ID (MAC address) every 10 seconds. The range of the device is 100 meters, which guarantees 100% scanning of the MAC address even passing by.

the algorithm Developed by us allows the Wi-Fi monitor to process requests from devices within its range, without connecting to devices, save MAC addresses and transmit them to your personal account on our platform.

Audience coverage:

Depending on the power of the signal level and the time spent there, the audience is divided into those who entered and those who passed by the object.

New users enter your audience and in the future you can inform them about your events and promotions.

and people who pass by can be informed by contextual advertising on the Internet on the pages of the sites they view, by the MAC addresses of their devices.

Analytics system:

The most important tool is an Analytics system that allows you to get detailed information about people who visited your object in your personal account:

● Number of sessions
● Frequency of sessions
● time Spent with you
● analysis of regular customers
● travel Routes
● Information from your social network profile
● Intersections with other objects

In your personal account, you can:

● Generate Analytics for users
● Create a user audience based on the collected data
● Filter audiences by segments for targeted advertising
● Upload audiences automatically to advertising platforms
● Segment the data obtained by day of the week, time, duration and frequency of visits

Wi-Fi monitor and our platform allows you to:

● Save and upload your audience to advertising cabinets

● See the volume of audience collected for a selected period of time

● Run ads based on the collected audience data

● Find out what % of the target audience visited you after viewing the ad

● Filter and form the audience by various segments

● Use the information to develop a detailed marketing strategy and point-based advertising campaigns

● Find your target audience with signs of your customers

● Determine the target audience, where to run ads more effectively, which social networks have your customers and target audience close to them
As a result, you get:

● a Segment in Yandex. Audience is an ad in Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Search and Advertising Network Yandex

● a List of users in My Target is advertising on the services Mail.ru in social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

● Audience in the business account Facebook is advertising on Facebook and Instagram

A mobile Wi-Fi monitor differs from a stationary one by having a built-in SIM card with a 4G modem and an external battery, for longer operation. It is also designed for monitoring and collecting MAC addresses in any location, such as specialized exhibitions and forums.
We offer services for collecting MAC addresses using a mobile Wi-Fi monitor.
Our specialists go to the locations you set at a certain time and collect a pool OF Mac addresses of potential customers for further use for marketing purposes on our platform.
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